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State Property

Performance Improvement Solution for State Property Management Organizations


Business management systems
Public sector


STATE PROPERTY is designed for operation performance improvement of functional units and top management of state property management organizations; increase of data actuality and reliability achieved using a single data storage and system documents processing standardization, data maintenance automation, data record and analysis.


  • State property accounting, management of contracts for assigning property to state-controlled enterprises;

  • Monitoring of property sales, payments receipt control

  • Lease agreements management, leased property monitoring, lease payment receipts control

  • Calculation of cost-effectiveness ratio based on the balance figures and their analysis, control over financial situation of national unitary enterprises

  • Record-keeping of employment contracts concluded with managers of national unitary enterprises

  • Control over enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy or bankrupts, monitoring of closing business

  • Control over economic associations whose shares are partly state-owned and over activities of government representatives in management bodies of such associations

  • Register maintenance of dividend payments on state-owned shares and their receipt tracking

  • Data exchange with regional bodies’ subsystems

  • Uploading data from the files completed by third parties in accordance with the templates

  • Printout of standard documents required by state property management organizations.

Main Features

  • Compatibility with other systems and expandability based on the software from independent vendors or developed in-house

  • Minimum efforts along with the growth in data volumes, intensive data exchange, larger number of users

  • Simple and easy-to-use operation owing to database directories available

  • Customization, connection of new users and reconfiguration of existing workstations without changing the program

  • High efficiency of query processing and report generation, system adaptation for user demands without changing the client program (business logic procedures are stored in database server)

  • Multiple report generation using the following formats: MS Word, MS Excel, Formula One, HTML, Text, and the number of formats can be increased without help from developers

  • Adequate response to incorrect user actions, as well as prompts and recommendations (rapid context search)

  • Protection against unauthorized access (access authorization and user actions logging)

  • Reliability owing to database backup to external media with the possibility of recovery

Operating Environment

Borland Delphi, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003, BDE, Oracle Database 9 Standart Edition, VisiData, OpenReport.

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