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Testimonial Laurent Favre, CEO

"We have been working with [ITC Software] for more than 2 years now. We started with contract basis work and finally came to ODC which is completely dedicated for our tasks. High team stability, good proficiency and efficient administration support are the factors which bring high value to our collaboration."  ..../more

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Heroix Longitude

Multiplatform, automated application performance monitoring and management software that can be deployed in less than one day.
Heroix Longitude is the affordable - yet full-featured - agentless monitoring software designed for your multiplatform world. The Heroix Longitude solution monitors and alerts on the availability and performance of remote systems and applications without requiring any software to be installed on the monitored computers >>


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ALLTRANS - geodetic 3D transformations - Coordinate Transformation Software -

AllTrans can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations between international and national coordinate systems with or without geodetic datum change. AllTrans is clearly arranged and easy to use >>

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EuroTrans can be used for coordinate conversions in Europe. Conversions between State-Plane-Coordinates (e.g. WGS84, OSGB36, DHDN, NTF, NGO48, KKJ, EOV, Krovak, LV95, Gauss-Krueger, Transverse Mercator, Lambert, Soldner-Cassini, Mercator...), UTM-, Geographical- and 3d-cartesian Coordinates. EuroTrans is a very useful tool for geographers, geodesists, cartographers and all people who have to convert coordinates, e.g. in GIS- and GPS-applications >>


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Next Generation Java Authoring and Deployment Tool

Manage enterprise data with BeanExplorer: BeanExplorer’s ability to generate User Interfaces (UIs) from data definitions makes it an invaluable tool to meet the requirements of many scientific and business applications. One typical example is making enterprise data available to mobile environments >>

Slash development time > architecture 30-70% > coding 90% > testing 90%


Data-level integration technology between heterogeneous and/or remote applications >>

Data Sheet - Plan! V4.5

PLAN! is a shrink-wrapped project management system based on the leading groupware standard Lotus Notes. As such, it includes e-mail, personal calendering & scheduling as well as a sophisticated replication mechanism to ensure consistent data >>



OpenReport - Unified Report Generator

Independently meet changing demands with a reports creation tool that uses parametrizable queries, master-detail, scripts, grouping and aggregating .... >>

FX-Project, The Project Management Tool

Fx-Project is a 100 % web-based project management- and controlling system on internet-/intranet basis. This allows all employees to work without being bound to any location, a prior installation of an application is also needless. A common browser, e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, is fully sufficient as basis for worldwide, language independent interworking >>

Workhorse, The Quality Management Tool

Workhorse was developed to fill the void in integrated quality management & process management tools in the market. Workhorse strictly follows ISO standards and has been developed based on experiences made in more than 30 ISO certifications >>


VisiData, a data modeling and visualization system, is a development toolkit to create information applications >>

Bug TraX

BugTraX is a Defect Tracking Systems, which allows individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively >>

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