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Case Study: Hedge Funds Optimizer
Case Study: Testing Automation
Case Study: Testing Personal Planning 1
Case Study: Testing Personal Planning 2
Case Study: Power Compliance Mgt
Case Study: Nuclear NuMAS
Case Study: Disfa/FX Project
Case Study: CCP Connect HelpDesk
Case Study: Stock Tracking System
Case Study: Personal Finance System
Case Study: Payment Service Provider
Case Study: Insolvency Mgt Solution
Case Study: Insolvency Mgt Services
Case Study: Expense Mgt System
Case Study: ECMS for Credit Bureau
Case Study: Cash Management
Case Study: Doc Mgt System
Case Study: Web Conferencing
Case Study: Electronic Guide
Case Study: EmailSecure
Case Study: Publishing
Case Study: MMS Cell Phone App
Case Study: TALKNET Mobile
Case Study: Wireless Channel
Case Study: Enterprize Banking System
Case Study: Super Store
Case Study: Wireless Communication
Case Study: Utilities WiFi
Case Study: Kompass
Case Study: Credit Conveyor System
Case Study: Military Network
Case Study: Forensic Tool

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User Interface Designs
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Testimonial Laurent Favre, CEO

"We have been working with [ITC Software] for more than 2 years now. We started with contract basis work and finally came to ODC which is completely dedicated for our tasks. High team stability, good proficiency and efficient administration support are the factors which bring high value to our collaboration."  ..../more

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     Banking System

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Also see: Introduction to Rabis and Rabis Banking Project Outline

Case Study: Enterprise Banking System

Systems' Design and Development

  • Integrated banking system with "front-office" and "back-office" functionality.

  • Multi-bank, multi-branch, multi-language, used in big and medium banks.

  • Based on client-server architecture on three levels: Mainframe, Server and Client. Permits advanced and stand-alone operations at branch level.

Product functions

Client's management, current accounts management, bank checks management, correspondents management, cash, accounting, traveler’s checks, payment orders, utility bills, loan management, deposits, signatures, remote banking, information system.


Our responsibility was to perform technical analysis, software development, testing, integration, deployment, maintenance and support.


Multi-tier client-server, multi-platform and multi-database architecture composed from a server application built in Visual C++, a database server and client application built in Visual C++ too. Used technologies: DCOM, ATL, Multithreads, TCP-IP, GDI, Multiprocessing, SNA, ODBC, DAO, Crystal Reports.


Other main features:

Card Management & Claims

Management of all functions related to credit and debit cards: card issue of different types, embossing, PIN change, card renewal etc; international and domestic claims, Charge back request, Retrieval request, Audit trail

Share Dividends

Management module for the shares and dividends. Offer to the companies an easy, safe and economic way to distribute the dividends.

Express Remittance

Management of the domestic and foreign payments, including SWIFT messages and correspondent banks.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Full management of the functions related to safe deposit boxes: box management, rent, payment, lock substitution and visits.


Module for management of the foreign currencies bank operations and exchange information supply for all subsystems working with exchange rates.


Management module for insurance policy (new policy, renewal and payment)


Also see: Introduction to Rabis and Rabis Banking Project Outline

About ITC Software 

ITC Software is an advanced information technology solutions provider, focused on the global commercial and scientific markets.

With over 4047 software engineers in the Americas, Europe, Russia and Asia, and a host of world-renowned scientists at, inter alia, Harvard and MIT, ITC Software’s services range from research & development in finance, bioinformatics and FEA engineering, to cutting-edge custom software development and maintenance services in most industry verticals, to the turnkey establishment of Offshore IT Centers.

ITC Software has won numerous international awards and its centers are ISO 9001:2000 certified and CMMI level 4 pre-certified. Pricing is extremely competitive for both complex scientific applications such as bioinformatics and biomechanics, and commercial software development projects.

Become a high performance enterprise with Strategic Outsourcing, visit

ITC Software disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and makes no express warranties except as may be stated in its written agreement with and for its customer. In no event is ITC Software liable to anyone for any indirect, special or consequential damages or lost profits. The information and specifications in this document are subject to change without notice. © ITC Software, 2010. All Rights Reserved. VERSION 1.10 RK20072010-2

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